AI for office workflow

Revolutionizing office workflow with AI chatbot

Optimize office workflows, automating repetitive tasks and reducing manual efforts, leading to increased operational efficiency.

Central information & data center

Chatbots can quickly retrieve and analyze data, providing employees with insights and information needed for decision-making. This streamlines the process of accessing critical data for various tasks.

Automate daily tasks

Instant information access through a chatbot involves providing users with immediate and accurate responses to their queries or requests.

Employee onboarding assistance

AI chatbots can assist in onboarding new employees by providing information, answering common questions, and guiding them through the initial processes.

Use directly on Slack

Make AI an integral part of your office environment by having a knowledgeable chatbot on your office Slack channels.


Try it out with these demo AI chatbots

We prepared a few examples for popular brands chatbots to play around with and experience the service.

Donald Trump

Ask about.. Donald Trump


Ask about Tesla or Elon Musk


Ask about Mercury bank


Ask about Airbnb service
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