Company news and product updates

It’s been a while since our latest update. In the past few months there were some major changes and we’re very excited to share them with you.

Company updates

We’ve been working very hard in the past few months to bring you these news regarding ResolveAI company and its future:

ResolveAI ownership change

ResolveAI was recently acquired by OnClick Solutions ltd, an Israeli based technology company. OnClick Solutions ltd had been offering innovative SaaS products for over 20 years now and was one of the pioneers in the live chat software sphere. ResolveAI is joining the company’s reputation management product – Repuso and will benefit with the company’s experience & resources with the goal of making ResolveAI the goto chatbot product for SMBs.
We at OnClick Solutions ltd would like to thank Rem Kim, the founder, for his great work building ResolveAI and for his help with the transition of the business. Thank you Rem and good luck with future ventures!
We believe that ResolveAI is in good hands and this change will do good both to the product and clients. We will continue the development of the product while listening to feedback.


New branding

We started off our new journey with a new logo for ResolveAI, which set the tone for a complete re-brand:

New website

Our new website is live! It was completely redesigned, built from scratch, hopefully you like it 🙂

New tutorials section

We felt there was missing a centralized place for documentation and tutorials. We create a dedicated “Help Desk” section that’ll include help informational guides, instructions, FAQs and more to make things easier for the clients. We’ll be adding more guides and tutorials in the future.

Product updates

Alongside with the new website, we’ve been working on a few improvements for the product as well, which were released:

UI & performance updates

UI & performance updates released include:

  • Base dashboard UI was fine tuned to be simpler, sharper & slicker
  • New “Training Center” section to replace the “Documents” and “Tools” sections.
  • “Tools” section moved into the “Training Center” section as “API Tools” top tab.
  • Previous page load delays eliminated which results in a speedier experience.
  • “Chatbots” section: the chatbots now appear in creation order rather than random order.
  •  Bug fix: website pages won’t fetch when training a new source

Better onboarding

Onboarding process is now more minimalist, faster to go through.


Product features related changes and updates that were released:

  • Tools can now include chat id, user information and chat transcript in the POST data.
  • User information such as browser, location, IP address & device are now automatically collected for each chat.
  • Chatbot notifications – added an “Email only unresolved requests” option.
  • Usage of own OpenAI key now available that’ll remove the limit of AI messages and training characters (option available in new plan only).
  • 2 new ways added to the Chatbot publish options: embed chat & WordPress plugin integration.
  • integration was removed as it wasn’t natively integrated to the product. It’ll be considered again in the future.
  •  “Subscription” section: easier subscription management now available.

New WordPress plugin

A brand new WordPress plugin was released to the WordPress plugin directory. It’ll allow WordPress users to easily integrated the Chatbots on their website. A link to the plugin and a guide can be found in the new WordPress integration tutotial.

New pricing plans

We aim to be an affordable service that grows with the needs of the clients. A new set of pricing plans are introduced. The base price for each plan is low (one of the lowest in the market as far as we know) and each plan support add-ons (additional chatbots, remove branding). There’s a 10 day trial period for all plans without a need for a credit card.