How to integrate AI Chatbot with WordPress

  1. Install & activate the WordPress plugin
  2. Click on “AI Chat” in the left menu

  3. Login to your ResolveAI Dashboard
  4. Go to “Chatbots” and click on your Chatbot
  5. Go to “Publish Chatbot” tab and click on “WordPress”
  6. Copy the Chatbot ID by clicking on the “Copy Chatbot ID to clipboard” button:

  7. Copy the Chatbot ID and paste it to the text box, then click on the “Save” button:

Choosing pages to show/hide the chatbot floating widget

  1. Go to “Floating Widget” in the left menu

  2. Select / unselect the pages you’d like to show or hide the chatbot widget to your choice

  3. Click on the “Save” button
  4. All done!

Embedding the chatbot inline in the page with shortcode

  1. Go to “Shortcodes” in the left menu

  2. Update the size & alignment according to your choice

  3. Click on the “Show shortcode” button, then on the “Copy to clipboard” button to copy the shortcode to the clipboard

  4. Paste the shortcode in any page you’d like it to appear

  5. All done!