How to create your first AI chatbot

Train your data

  1. Login to your dashboard

  2. Go to “Training Center”

  3. Click on “Web” and enter your website url

  4. Select the pages you’d like to train the chatbot with, then click on “Import”

  5. Website pages are imported

  6. Click on the “File” icon to train with a PDF file, drag a file to the upload box or click to select

  7. PDF file imported

Create the Chatbot

  1. Go to “Chatbots” then click on the “Create new Chatbot” button

  2. Name your new Chatbot and select the type. You can modify this later anytime.

  3. Setup the chatbot with your brand guidelines & needs

  4. Select which training data will be used by this chatbot

  5. Publish your chatbot

  6. Done!